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Container Dumpers

An injection molding company in Michigan’s thumb area required a dumper with high production capabilities to allow them to process scrap material into an existing grinder application. Because the previous dumper failed not long after being installed both speed and durability was of the utmost concern to the end user. American Material Handling, Inc. supplied and installed the new equipment during a 2-day weekend period so that there was no down time in the process.

This machine is capable of lifting a 4,000 # load with a 120-degree dump angle. High reach container dumpers are heavy duty dumpers that dump their loads between 60″ and 120″ from grade. The container bins sit on grade so the container being dumped can be loaded by any means. The bin then travels up vertically to a set dump height before rotating up to 135 degrees to dump the load. The standard unit dumps a few inches from the unit’s frame but there are many extended chutes available including funneling, hard lips, and soft rubber to fit your needs. As you can see in these photos, this high reach design is extremely robust and designed to run well beyond the 10-year structural warranty.