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Stage Lift – Campus Martius

American Material Handling, Inc. designed, built and installed 2 stage lifts (north and south) in downtown Detroit for the Campus Martius renovations. These lift tables retract to provide a flush walking surface when the stage is not in use. When fully extended, the stage reaches a height of 48” above grade level. The lifting capacity is 16,000 pounds. We have been in the business of providing specialty equipment lifting for the Detroit Metro Area for over 40 years. If you are in need of lift tables for manufacturing, construction, commercial or industrial use anywhere in Eastern Michigan we can provide the right lift for your application.

Below Left: Campus Martius North Stage Lowered to Grade Level; Right: North Stage Raised for Show
north lower stage north raised stage

Below Left: Campus Martius South Stage Lowered to Grade Level; Right: South Stage Raised for Show
South lower stageSouth raised stage