A Glimpse of Our Material Handling Current Projects


American Material Handling, Inc. designed, built, and installed 2 stage lifts (north and south) in downtown Detroit for the Campus Martius renovations. These lift tables retract to provide a flush walking surface when the stage is not in use. When fully extended, the stage reaches a height of 48” above grade level. The lifting capacity is 16,000 pounds.

We have been in the business of providing specialty equipment lifting for the Detroit metro area for over 40 years. If you are in need of lift tables for manufacturing, construction, commercial, or industrial use anywhere in eastern Michigan, we can provide the right lift for your application.

Below Left: Campus Martius North Stage Lowered to Grade Level; Right: North Stage Raised for Show
Below Left: Campus Martius South Stage Lowered to Grade Level; Right: South Stage Raised for Show


American Material Handling, Inc. can supply the equipment you need to get the job done fast, safe and efficient.

An injection molding company required a dumper with high production capabilities to allow them to process scrap material into an existing grinder application. Because the previous dumper failed not long after being installed, both speed and durability were of the utmost concern to the end-user.

AHMI supplied and installed the new equipment during a 2-day weekend period so that there was no downtime in the process. This machine is capable of lifting a 4000# load with a 120-degree dump angle.


AMHI designed, built, and installed this rack handling system for a Tier 1 automotive supplier to stage racks full of steering components coming off the production line for JIT deliveries to their customer.


American Material Handling, Inc. completed this truck dock renovation by installing a full-size truck dock well, retaining wall, stairs and landing, overhead door, dock seal, and fully hydraulic dock leveler, and pedestrian door. What started out as an outdated low truck dock height well was transformed into a fully functional, state-of-the-art truck dock and door configuration.

Our truck dock and door services include the design and installation of all the components required to update your facility.

We can supply new and used dock levelers to meet your specific truck dock needs.

Ground Level Shelter

Problem: Unloading small Fed-X and UPS truck deliveries with numerous boxes required the grade level overhead door to be left open for long periods of time causing contamination problems at a nearby assembly station. Solution: install a vestibule outfitted with a custom ground level shelter in conjunction with a heated air curtain to seal off contamination as well as inclement weather.

Sidewalk Lift

American Material Handling Inc. Worked in conjunction with a local architect and general contractor to remove and replace an old sidewalk lift that had been Red Tagged by the state inspector as unsafe and , install a new updated unit for the city of East Lansing. The new equipment allowed the city to continue to access valuable basement space. Because these lifts are not designed to carry personal, they fall under the classification of vertical conveyor and no special permitting is needed. The units incorporate interlocks to and safety enclosures to insure that employees are protected at all times.

Truck Dock

American Material Handling Inc. completed this dock renovation on time and under budget. The project consisted of removing grade level door, increasing the truck well width by one position and installing a new dock leveler, dock shelter, and overhead door. All facets of this turnkey project were handled by American Material Handling staff, thus allowing the owner to concentrate on part production rather than building construction.

Merdian Case Study



A large automotive supplier located in the greater Lansing Michigan area need help in renovating their loading dock. Due to the design of the overhead doors that were being used they were being regularly damaged by fork truck traffic and limited the effectiveness of the loading dock area.



American Material Handling supplied and installed high speed roll up doors. Because the new doors are made of a high strength alloy, they offered the benefit of both security and effective climate control. These high-speed overhead doors require much less head room space than conventional overhead door so no building modifications were required.